Sex, with Tim Ferriss

I was listening to The Tim Ferriss Show podcast (discipline, sex, psychedelics and more) today and a question about sex and higher consciousness was asked by a female listener. Tim talked about abstinence, and possibly suppression of orgasm, being useful for achieving some results for some events, and also helping with compulsive behaviours. However, what he did not state, and I feel very strongly about this, is this isn’t the case for women. In traditional practices it isn’t usually women withholding or practising abstinence. In fact in practices of witholding it’s only done by men and it’s the male who is supposed to benefit energetically from the woman having more frequent and more powerful orgasms. My feeling is women rarely benefit from abstinence, except when they have a very severe problem. Withholding  orgasm is never mentioned for women, as far as I can ascertain, in ancient texts. To be fair Tim doesn’t  appear to be a fan of witholding either. Certainly if, as a woman, you’re not having some type of very regular, penetrative sex around, during, and after menopause you can find yourself with a non functional vagina, which in turn can lead to many other health problems. I feel many women could benefit from more frequent and better sex, rather than less. Most certainly they’d benefit from personal exploration of what they like ie masturbation. If you don’t know yourself, how can someone else give you what you like?



As I looked out this morning snow was falling lightly, swirling softly around the garden. Five goldfinches perched on the teasel to feed. A moment, framed perfectly by my kitchen window.