Pseudo spring

Woke up this morning, too early, tired but couldn’t sleep. Decided to steal a march on the day while everyone slept. The sky was a soft, baby grey and the sun was  coming up like a brilliant gold ribbon. It was magical.

Put the washing on, emptied the dishwasher . It looked like it might be a good day for drying laundry outside so I wiped the line clean of a winter’s worth of sooty dirt.  Waited to see if the yard would start drying. Somebody’s mother somewhere once said “If it dries the pavement, it’ll dry my washing.” Thanks somebody’s mother, that was very useful advice.

Pegged the laundry outside on the line, the first of year. It’s too warm for February though, even the honeysuckle has buds. A thrip was flying around, that’s bad news for the honeysuckle if they’re about already.  Saw two wood pigeons cosied up in a bare tree.

Planned on a day of domestic activity.  Opened some windows to air the bedrooms and stripped one of the beds completely.  The duvet is now airing on the bannister. It does feel like spring.

The day brightened later to a blue sky with white fluffy, wispy clouds I didn’t do anything other than lots and lots of laundry to line dry as the weather was so good.  A butterfly flew past me in the garden, then I saw a few ladybirds bumbling about, native ones, not Harlequins for a change. A Peregrine flew over twice! Just to add a surreal twist a heart shaped sky blue hole appeared in the clouds. We were waiting for an aeroplane to put an arrow through it.