Less stuff, more possibilities.

Nothing’s sold on Amazon so far, but from experience of my previous sales, I’ve sold 30+ books over the year, that seems fairly normal.  Over the last few days we collected every piece of potentially saleable scrap metal we could find, I even went through our recycling bin for anything aluminium.  Today my husband got a lift from our future son in law and we got £29.20 for it. That’s a useful sum of money.  Next in line is start putting items on Ebay as it’s free listing this weekend.

My husband really enjoyed the experience of collecting all our scrap metal together, seeing what we had that we could sell. One super plus was that he felt more upbeat when he saw how much space he’d freed up. He felt that there was potential to do things to bring in money now he had more space.  It’s something I’ve noticed a lot as I’ve cleared things out.  More things seem possible when you’re not overburdened by stuff.


It takes a crisis to produce a blog post.

It’s been quite some time since I blogged, and typically it takes a crisis to motivate me to post. Our finances have hit rock bottom and I don’t have the funds to pay the rent for last week, or this week. It’s a long story, but the short version is I’ve cut our costs to the bone but our income just isn’t high enough to meet our needs. We’re also still carrying some debt from when my husband’s work was intermittent and unreliable. I’ve felt incredibly low about this and at some points have felt, and do still feel, that I simply could not carry on.

We also have a daughter who has extra needs and many hospital visits to make which costs in terms of time and money. We need more capital to pay for things that will make both her and our lives life easier. On the BIG need list is learning to drive and a car.

I’ve listed a few items on Amazon for sale. There’s not a lot as I’ve already sold on a fair few things in my bid to be more minimal. I’ve started to go round the house looking for items to sell, some on Ebay some on local sites, which has cheered me up a little. My husband has found it really hard to part with any item, despite the financial crisis. Not everyone finds it easy and not everyone likes minimal either. It’s a much harder task for him than for me. He started photographing things to sell on Ebay last night  and I hope that once he does sell these things he’ll feel a sense of relief.  I know that as I’ve found more and more saleable small items  I’ve felt lifted.

Despite the finances I’ve continued to declutter and put my things in order. It’s been a very slow process, but progress can be seen, especially in our bedroom which feels more restful now. I gifted around 80-90 books to Amnesty International for their local annual book sale.  Most of the books wouldn’t make any money on Amazon, or elsewhere online, but would definitely make some money for the charity via the book sale.