As long as you’re leaving I’m happy.

There are many ways to proceed towards minimalism. Over at The Minimalists for example,  Joshua had a gradual process followed by a leap. For Ryan however, it was one giant leap, starting with a packing party.

I find the packing party a really attractive proposition, but given my circumstances,  it’s  not realistically achievable . The family are not exactly on the same page as me, so I’m dealing purely with my stuff.  I also have health issues that mean taking on big projects isn’t possible. Every large project has to broken up into do-able chunks.

So here I am, moving towards minimalism by  degrees. But it’s very easy to drift  and lose sight of the goal this way.  So I have a pact with myself that every day, as long as  something leaves the house, or is prepared for leaving the house such as being put on sale, I’m happy.  Every day when I go through my stuff my mantra is, as long as you’re leaving I’m happy.


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  1. I’m about to begin a minimalist year myself, but the Minimalist brothers, though they are pretty popular now, have not been my inspiration. I prefer Francine Jay, better known as Miss Minimalist. The brothers are hip, but their previous six figure lifestyle was never what I needed to downsize from. Thank you for sharing my post, and I hope we get a blog update from you in 2016.

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