Moving towards miminalism

Those who’ve known me for a long time might be very surprised that I’ve decided to move towards minimalism. Not least because I’ve spent many years being surrounded by clutter of every sort.  Those who’ve known me for a very long time indeed would not be so surprised as more than once in my life I’ve gotten rid of almost everything I own.

It’s a huge task and it will take some time. I should add that I am not imposing my decision to let go of my things on any other member of my family. I just have a strong desire to live with less and less of my stuff will have to do.

So far I’ve cleared a vast amount of paper, filled two recycling bags full of it and shredded enough to half fill a wheelie bin. I’ve now filled two textile recycling bags full of duvet covers, blankets,  sheets, towels and pillow cases.  I’m just about to start on my personal books. Book clutter is probably my worst problem. This is the first pass, so when I’ve done every room in the house I shall start again and get rid of more.

On this theme I’ve decided to take part in Mrs Green’s ”Use it up!” challenge. I have a lot of stuff in my pantry and freezer and as I only have £163.12 in my budget for the whole of June to buy groceries, toiletries and cleaning products for 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 dogs and 2 cats I think it’s a very timely challenge indeed.

Please bare with me with this blog. I am very new to blogging and still finding my feet.


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    • Oh yes I’m planning on listing what I can on Amazon. I don’t plan on putting any on Ebay though, too much faffing about. As far as home ed books and equipment go I have to prior approve with younger daughter if they’re OK for disposal and then I have a very kind buyer all set up for them.

  1. Congrats on your new blog and your minimalism drive. On a smiliar mission only my husband is a hoarder! Good luck with the Use it up! challenge too; I’ve been overwhelmed with responses so am super excited about it all! Keep us posted on the weird and wonderful meals you eat!

    • Thanks. I can identify with you there as my the rest of my family have tendencies towards hoarding. I figure I can only really deal with my stuff and we’ll see how it goes from there. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our ‘use it up challenge’ meals.

  2. I hate parting with books. You never know when you might want to re-read them and in the past I have got rid of books and then rebought them 😦 I just put up more and more shelves. It’s just getting worse with 2 teenagers and a younger one as you never know when the little might want to do igcse environmental management or something!

    • I’ve only ever re-bought a book once and regretted it as I ended up giving it away again anyway. I tend to be a non fiction reader mostly these days. It’s extremely rare that I read a fiction book more than once as I remember far too much of it for it to be enjoyable. I do have anxiety over whether or not a non fiction book I dispose of may contain knowledge I can’t get anywhere else. I’ll just have to get over that one I think. 🙂 Not that it’ll be easy, or maybe I’ll be surprised and it will be easier than I think? I plan on using the library a lot more and anything I can’t get there I’ll buy from Amazon and resell it on there if possible.

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